My name is Drew Shurtleff and I have been an artist my whole life and have always had a desire for tattoos. I am self taught and have now been tattooing for over 10 years. I truly believe that anything can be created with a tattoo, from painting styles, to photo realism and so much more. There are so many 'greats' to study and keep up with, that I find it hard to believe that any tattoo artist can become complacent.


Clients are the most important thing for an artist and they should be treated that way! I work by appointment only, so I can ensure my clients will be provided with the best work every time.



I prefer to do custom work, portraits or anything with lots of bright, vibrant colors.  I started to apply the photo realism style to just about any tattoo I create. Ultimately, I never want to stop progressing and evolving. In a few years, I hope to be as good as many others within this industry that I look up to. With the way artists are pushing the envelope, becoming more involved in their work and great tattoo inks like Eternal are being developed, I believe that I will be unstoppable.

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